Top Features of Polycom Video Conferencing

Polycom video conferencing systems are rapidly growing in demand as companies find more uses for the tool. The demand is not just limited to business and academic institutions, but it also applies to governmental agencies, health organizations, educational institutions, and even private individuals. However, with so many options in the market, selecting the right type of video-conferencing equipment and service provider becomes difficult. To help you make your choice among these numerous options, we have listed the top three considerations to take into consideration while shopping for your next video conference system:

Cost is one of the key factors that you should look into when choosing between different types of video collaboration solutions and equipment. The difference between the products can be drastic depending on the features you choose. While some offer a combination of features that enable you to achieve your goals, other equipment focus mainly on components like:

User interface/ User Interface are one of the key factors that you need to consider when going for a particular type of Polycom Video Conferencing solution. A good example of this is the Enlighten Video Collaboration System with surround sound and ergonomic projector glasses. It comes bundled with five standard projectors, five standard Projector glasses, and three immersive headsets that allow you to interact with your audience in real time. What makes this product stand out is its ability to integrate with other Enlighten Video products like Enlighten Video Desktop and the Mobile Office. In addition, the Mobile Office is an excellent companion for business meetings.

Parts replacement and Maintenance

Many aspects affect the durability of a certain type of Polycom Video Conferencing system like the camera and the projector head. The parts replacement feature of some Polycom Video Conferencing equipment is not even mentioned in the spec sheets because they have to meet certain specifications and quality levels. Despite this, it is highly recommended that you look at the quality level before spending your money. Even though there are expensive models in the market, you can always do a little research before making your final purchase. 

Incoming Setup Message and Admission Request Message

Newer Polycom Video Conference systems come with a standard set of setup messages and admission requests, which are delivered in the audio format. Most setups consist of a presenter and his or her viewer. The setup messages are essential components of the video-conference system, as they give a basic overview of the participants and the agenda of the conference. You have the option to adjust the admission request message once you enter the conference room. 

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