3 Interior Design Rules to Follow When Decorating Your Home

There are many basic rules to use in interior design, but knowing them is critical for a successful project. These rules are meant to help you make the best decisions for your home, whether it’s a new place or a home that’s been decorated before. Experts agree that there are certain guidelines that you should follow when decorating. For example, you should leave 45cm of space between the central coffee table and seating. Any less or more space will make the room feel cramped.

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Choose the right color:

Color is a huge part of home design, and it’s easy to get carried away. But there are a few basic rules to remember that can help you achieve your desired outcome. First, don’t mix too many complementary tones, including primary and secondary ones. A strong primary color, like red, will clash with a muted, earthy tone, such as a chocolate brown. And don’t go too overboard on the color, or you’ll end up with a room that looks unappealing.

Make sure that the room is proportionate:

Next, you should make sure that the room is proportionate. Don’t be tempted to buy too many furniture pieces if they don’t match, as this will look out of place. And remember that the more expensive items are, the cheaper they are to buy. Keeping these basic rules in mind will allow you to create a home that you’re proud of and will love for years to come. There’s no need to compromise style because you don’t have the budget to hire a designer. You can use these guidelines to start your new interior design project.

When it comes to color, symmetry has always been a good idea. But color should never clash with tones that are too similar. A vibrant, bold primary will always clash with a muted, earthy brown or dusky pink. Don’t go overboard with too much color – it will make you uncomfortable in the room. However, if you’re bold and adventurous with your colors, you can even create an interesting and original look with mismatched dining chairs.

Avoid using too much color in the same room:

The second basic rule of coloration design is to avoid using too much color in the same room. A good color should include two tones of the same color. For example, a neutral room should be two tones of the same tone. If a room is too small, it should be one tone. Then, a darker shade of the same color colors the opposite. In other words, if the room’s colors are not complementary, the color will look unbalanced.

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