The blender is a common kitchen appliance to almost any family. It can be used for many purposes including making fruit juice, smoothie and other kinds of mixture from food. The benefit of this appliance in the summer is undeniable, so purchasing a blender for this summer is a good way to invest your money. The fruit smoothies is one of the most healthy drink that helps your family members to take part in summer activities actively and also reduce the heat inside their bodies. So what are you waiting for? Let’s take a look at the blender models and find the best blender for smoothies! Some of these are must – have features that you should put into consideration before choosing one for your kitchen.

1. Regular blender

This one is one of the oldest models of the blender with basic functions: blend fruits, dry nuts, ice… The machine is simply designed with two main parts: the base and 1 or 2 jars (depending on the models)

This type of blender is suitable with housewives who just want an appliance to deal with the fruit and have some refreshing drinks in summer for their kids or the nut with hard shell that need to be broken not by hand. In addition, the price of this blender is reasonable because of the lack in additional functions so that it’s possible for people who don’t have much money to spend can have one with a bit discount.

Blender for a hot summer

The productivity of this regular blender can be up to 500W with the ability of blending fruit and ice mainly. The noise is not too loud and the base is firm enough to withstand the machine while it’s working. You can look for the models of Japan, Germany and Sweden because they are quite elegant with light colors and flexible designs.

2. Multi – functional blender

A part from default functions just like regular blenders, multi – function blenders have additional abilities so that it can replace some other machines and do other jobs such as fruit – squeezing machine, egg – beater or even the food – pressing machine…

These models can work up to 600W according to the materials they have to handle with. The blender jar is often made of plastic and sometimes stainless steel for better designs. Brands from Japan and Netherlands are really good; you should take a look at them and choose the best one that fits your kitchen.

3. Portable blender

The portable blender is designed with different style from the regular blender. It doesn’t have the jar and the jar base. The body of this product is long and cylinder – shaped. When using, people have to press the button on the body of the blender then blend the food in any glass or cup.

This type of product is a good choice for families who don’t have a large kitchen and prefer a small, compact and portable kitchen appliance and don’t need too many parts cleaned after using.

The productivity of this product is between 700W and 750W with the ability of processing not just fruits but also other kinds of food such as meat, cereal or fish. It’s made of plastic because of the light weight and durability. In fact, the portable blender can be used for many purposes. You just need to make sure that you can use it regularly.

Best smoothies maker

4. Some basic comparison

  • Productivity: The portable blender is the highest with up to 700W while other two types can just make it to 600W
  • Beating the eggs: Some of the regular blenders have this function while multi – function blenders don’t – surprisingly. It’s like a must – have function in almost every portable blender.
  • Graining other foods a part from fruits (nuts, meat, fish…): it’s possible to use the regular type of blender to do those things, but not many people believe that the portable blenders are created mostly for this, not for the fruits. Cleaning the parts is quite complicated with multi – function blender while other two just need basic cleaning steps to look just like new again.
  • The prices of them also have some differences: because of the multi -function, the price of these products are quite high in comparison with other types of blender, so that you should choose wisely according to your wallet.

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