Most people have their hands full with everyday work and non-work related obligations. If you are in that group it probably means that you don’t have much time to spend cooking and waiting for your food to get done. In such cases getting yourself a pressure cooker is very good idea. Perhaps you already have one, but feel the need to upgrade it, or you are buying one for the first time. Nevertheless, here are some pieces of advice.

Pressure Cooker


Naturally when you buy something new, you opt for the best products available for your budget. Here is how to choose the best pressure cooker for your kitchen:

  • The most important thing to pay special attention to when buying a pressure cooker is the material. Regardless of the features offered by the product, you would want to acquire a pressure cooker that is made of high quality materials, such as heavy-gauge steel. If you choose a cooker made of below par materials you will not end up making a smart choice.
  • In order to ensure proper and equal heat throughout your food, and avoid the risks of interior scorching you would need a pressure cooker that contains a thick, heavy disk at the base of the product. Also, the sides should be straight and not rounded. Furthermore, opt for a pressure cooker that is shorter and wider as opposed to a tall one, since the former distribute heat more efficiently and equally. Those can be used on bigger burners, ensuring even faster cooking.
  • The materials, which the product is made of, should be corrosion and stain resistant. It should have a nice shine to itself as well. Generally, the best ones are made of stainless steel. It contains 10.5% chromium at the very least, and if that percentage is higher it is even better in terms of strength and durability. To make them look even shinier manufacturers may add nickel to the mix.
  • It would be a nice idea to test the functionality of the pressure indicator and quick release function before you make a purchase. Naturally, when you browse for a pressure cooker you see those features and automatically assume they are working as they should. To avoid making a mistake, ask the seller to perform a test for you. It is absolutely crucial that the cooker can reach the indicated levels of pressure and the indicator is correct.
  • Any products that rely on high pressure are potentially dangerous. Before deciding which pressure cooker to buy, make sure it is safe to use. Fortunately, contemporary products of that category are equipped with the necessary safety features. They contain appropriate valve stems which are designed to release extra steam. Therefore, opt for a quality brand which allows excess steam to be released when necessary.
  • Non-stick surfaces are very tempting since they are really practical when it comes to washing and cleaning, but they are a really bad choice. They are not really famous for its durability, and more importantly, there have been many health related issues raised from cooking on non-stick surfaces due to the materials used to make the surface as such.
  • There are countless of brands manufacturing pressure cookers and all claim to be the best of the best. However, it is advisable that you stick to well-known brands. If you don’t really have an idea of the best brands on the market, it doesn’t hurt to do a little research online and familiarize yourself with the matter. Check for customer service, guarantees and customer complaints before you make a definitive choice. Be aware that it doesn’t necessarily mean that well-known brands will always have faultless products, just like it doesn’t mean that lesser brands will always have faulty products.

Conducting Proper Research before Purchasing

pressure cooker

The pressure cooker market is swamped with all kinds of products. No two of them are the same. If you want to be sure that you have bought the best pressure cooker for you, abide to the aforementioned tips and pieces of advice. An extremely pricy product does not guarantee satisfaction. Make a list of what you expect from a pressure cooker and buy one accordingly. If you take all of these things into consideration, you will certainly make the right choice.

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