You have to travel a lot, or you don’t like heavy and full – sized headphones? Don’t worry because earbuds are ready to serve all your need about headphones and private hearing devices in general. You can have the best wireless earbuds, but you might still need some tricks to make it better and last longer without being broken or malfunctioned. One more thing you should know that these tricks are not only for in – ear headphones, there are also common ways to keep your over ear headphones safe and secured.


There are some people who need to work with wireless headphones as well, so in this article, I also present some small tips that might help you even if you are wearing a Bluetooth headphone without any wires. I hope you guys might learn something new by reading and following these simple tricks.

Tip #1 for earphones: The left cord should be cared more… maybe a knot.

Caution: This trick might make your earphone work a little worse if you don’t do exactly what are told. I can’t take any responsibilities for any damages caused by knotting the cord, so be careful and do it at your own risk.


This is one of my best and favorite tips for earbuds. I often use this trick to solve some problem with the signals and the joints inside the ear pads. Sometime it’s quite hard to distinguish two sides of the earphone, and it might took you a long time struggling with the left and right cords especially in the dark. This tip will help you out with this. Remember just use it with small earphones that have wire.

Someone would ask that why this tip is helpful. Actually, not everyone can look for the right sides of the earphone for some first times looking and using it. In addition, the L or R characters printed on sides of the earphones are quite small and very hard to find even with young people.

When the light’s out or in some cases when the letters are worn of due to long time using, I can say that it would be impossible to distinguish them. So that’s why tying a knot in the left cord is an effective way to have something that is not similar and don’t have to see to find out. You just need to feel the knot with your hand each time holding the earphone and remember that is the left side.

So how can you do that? It’s quite simple. Firstly you have to know where the left one between these two earphone sides is. When you finally know where the left cord is, gently tie the knot so that it will be recognized easily. However, don’t tie too tight because you don’t want to bend the cord. It could lead to inside damage for the cord.

Tip #2 for earphones: Have you known any other benefits of hair claws?


This trick is not only applied for earphones but also works with any devices that have long and thin wires such as headphones, earbuds, laptop accessories… Using the hair claw to keep the wired tidy and neat is very easy but not everybody knows this simple trick.

This is how you done with the wrapping: Hold the buds with one hand. The other hand is used to fold the cable in half of the length. Do the folding for two more times then let the hair claw to pinch in the middle and it’s done! It’s very easy to do with just simple small and cute accessory.

If you want to use the earphone, just remove the hair claw and pinch it whenever easy to find for later use. These mini hair claws are very easy to buy with many shapes and colors. If you want your collection to be luxurious and gorgeous, just take some time finding the hair claws that match the color of the cords.

Tip #3 for earphones: What can a straw can help you?


This tip might be a good solution for cables with extra length. If you are using a wheel chair, you must have been annoyed by the wires that are wrapped up the chair wheel many times. Well, this tip is here to save your day! You just need a small straw and a scissor to do this. First of all, cut the straw off but keep its original form. Then wrap it around the wires so the it would hold the cable in a straight shape. Finally, tape the cut off path so that the wires won’t pop off anymore.

After finishing all the step, gently pull the straw down along to the cables so that it would be in the right position and doesn’t interrupt the earphone’s operation.

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