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Tips for Earphones That You Might Not Know


You have to travel a lot, or you don’t like heavy and full – sized headphones? Don’t worry because earbuds are ready to serve all your need about headphones and private hearing devices in general. You can have the best wireless earbuds, but you might still need some tricks to make it better and last longer without being broken or malfunctioned. One more thing you should know that these tricks are not only for in – ear headphones, there are also common ways to keep your over ear headphones safe and secured.


There are some people who need to work with wireless headphones as well, so in this article, I also present some small tips that might help you even if you are wearing a Bluetooth headphone without any wires. I hope you guys might learn something new by reading and following these simple tricks.

Tip #1 for earphones: The left cord should be cared more… maybe a knot.

Caution: This trick might make your earphone work a little worse if you don’t do exactly what are told. I can’t take any responsibilities for any damages caused by knotting the cord, so be careful and do it at your own risk.


This is one of my best and favorite tips for earbuds. I often use this trick to solve some problem with the signals and the joints inside the ear pads. Sometime it’s quite hard to distinguish two sides of the earphone, and it might took you a long time struggling with the left and right cords especially in the dark. This tip will help you out with this. Remember just use it with small earphones that have wire.

Someone would ask that why this tip is helpful. Actually, not everyone can look for the right sides of the earphone for some first times looking and using it. In addition, the L or R characters printed on sides of the earphones are quite small and very hard to find even with young people.

When the light’s out or in some cases when the letters are worn of due to long time using, I can say that it would be impossible to distinguish them. So that’s why tying a knot in the left cord is an effective way to have something that is not similar and don’t have to see to find out. You just need to feel the knot with your hand each time holding the earphone and remember that is the left side.

So how can you do that? It’s quite simple. Firstly you have to know where the left one between these two earphone sides is. When you finally know where the left cord is, gently tie the knot so that it will be recognized easily. However, don’t tie too tight because you don’t want to bend the cord. It could lead to inside damage for the cord.

Tip #2 for earphones: Have you known any other benefits of hair claws?


This trick is not only applied for earphones but also works with any devices that have long and thin wires such as headphones, earbuds, laptop accessories… Using the hair claw to keep the wired tidy and neat is very easy but not everybody knows this simple trick.

This is how you done with the wrapping: Hold the buds with one hand. The other hand is used to fold the cable in half of the length. Do the folding for two more times then let the hair claw to pinch in the middle and it’s done! It’s very easy to do with just simple small and cute accessory.

If you want to use the earphone, just remove the hair claw and pinch it whenever easy to find for later use. These mini hair claws are very easy to buy with many shapes and colors. If you want your collection to be luxurious and gorgeous, just take some time finding the hair claws that match the color of the cords.

Tip #3 for earphones: What can a straw can help you?


This tip might be a good solution for cables with extra length. If you are using a wheel chair, you must have been annoyed by the wires that are wrapped up the chair wheel many times. Well, this tip is here to save your day! You just need a small straw and a scissor to do this. First of all, cut the straw off but keep its original form. Then wrap it around the wires so the it would hold the cable in a straight shape. Finally, tape the cut off path so that the wires won’t pop off anymore.

After finishing all the step, gently pull the straw down along to the cables so that it would be in the right position and doesn’t interrupt the earphone’s operation.

5 Tips Help You to Find the Best Running Headphones

Running Headphones

 Running Headphones

Nowadays, headphones are not strange to music lovers. They enjoy all music genres such as pop, ballad, country, rock, or even disco. After the old Walkman, a large number of people look for the best earbuds under 50 which can bring them a great deal with nice features.

best earbuds under 50

It will be beneficial when owning a pair of headphones that can both listen to music and run. However, there are many types of headphones on the market. In what way can you choose the best running headphones for yourself? You will be based on the brand, won’t you? Or should you find the expensive one? In fact, people select their headphones based on the style or the hobby. They see reviews of users in order to find the suitable headphones. How about you? How do you have to do to find one for you? Let’s learn together!

5 Tips Help You To Find The Best Running Headphones

To look for the best running headphones, you need to consider plenty of factors. Before purchasing a set of headphones, hearing is a problem. If you want to ensure the safest listening, it forces you to keep something in mind. There are 5 tips which help you choose the suitable running headphones as well as your needs.

Best Running Headphones

Step one: to know your ears

People are based on decibels (dB) in order to recognize the noise volume. In fact, the safe level for your ears is about 85 decibels which are considered as the maximum safe level. If you use excess, it will be able to damage to your ears. You should know that you only need to turn on the maximum volume for 5 minutes which you are able to be heard-loss. Consequently, to find the headphones with the shape fit your ears which is the first step. You have to be sure that the sound quality is enough to hear the surroundings clearly when turning low down.

Step 2: the safety

The risk of the headphones brings to not only hearing-loss but also decreasing the awareness of the senses. We all depend on the senses which can help us avoid the damaged surroundings like an angry dog or even an oncoming car. Generally, cupped running headphones need to be excluded from the selection list because they almost minimize the outside noise. This one is dangerous for runners.

Step 3: a fit

To avoid falling out, the headphones for runners need to have to fit their ears. This one is pretty important. A pair of headphones should be equipped properly unless they will cause dangerous and uncomfortable during running. If your headphones do not fit, it will be easy to fall out when sweating; even, they can break down. From step 2, the purpose is to help you to find the fit headphones for you.

Step 4: passion or preference

What things can affect your selection? As a whole, there are two factors that people are based on here in order to look for their favorite objects. In particular, you will have plenty of acts while wearing the running headphones.

To avoid falling out, if you tend to purchase the new headphones for running yours, the best should choose a pair of quality headphones. Today, there is a variety of styles, sizes and models on the market so that you can choose. The fit and the average volume are the headphones behind the ears. In addition, the value headphones also need to have the ability to suffer moisture as your sweat. In case, you often have problems with the cord, the wireless headphones will be a perfect choice. Beyond that, sport ear-bud headphones also suit for running. Their sound quality is pretty good – about 85 decibels. Even, they are quite fitted.

Step 5: carefully consider

You do not see the appearance; then, you choose a set immediately. When selecting a pair of headphones, you ought to consider 4 above steps. In addition, you should also see reviews of users because of having countless headphones on the market. The quality is the first. Color or appearance is the final factors. An indispensable object is your budget. If you are a music lover, a good and active pair of headphones that will not be luxurious.


The earbuds under 50 are not necessarily bad. It depends on how you choose. Based on 5 these steps, you can consider and choose the set of suitable headphones for yourself. Let’s remember that the quality and safety are always the first problems when selecting anything, the headphones, too.

Do You Know Much About Headphones?


best studio headphonesHeadphone has become one of the most essential accessories in people’s everyday life. You have to make use of this little devices almost everywhere, from outdoor places such as the park, playground, on the streets… to somewhere in your house when you want to have private atmosphere just on your own. Sometimes you also need the best studio headphones not only for your entertaining purposes but also use as a supporting tool to study foreign languages. With the advancements of the technology, headphone innovated itself and becomes one of the most indispensable ones for everybody.

The first designs of the headphone consisted of 2 small speakers in the owner’s ears. Through many decades, with the help of modern technology and fashion, the headphones have changed not only in structures and quality but also in styles. This article will introduce some main changes of the headphones from the beginning till now.

  1. Did you know about the original of headphones?


Many people use headphone on a daily basis but don’t know much about this device. From the first time headphones were introduced, they were designed as 2 units that transmit voices to the inner ears hanged on the edge of the ears. From that day till now, the headphone has many styles and shapes that suit the need of people at all ages. We can buy an over – ear headphone for the best music experiences, or just a compact earphone so that you can immerse yourself into music while travelling or doing something else.

The first and original type of headphones is the hear wearing one. Because of its beginning models, they are quite heavy with poor sound quality. People don’t like to use this type of headphone very much because of its inconvenience and heavy weight to carry.

Then there came the earplug. It’s a completely breakthrough that bring the headphone to a whole new level. The most amazing thing is that you don’t have to worry about the size of the headphone anymore. It can be held within a hand now. Its small size created more than just convenience. Nevertheless, because of the need in eliminating surrounding noise, in – ear monitor is designed and applied to headphones so that it can be used by people who travel a lot or have to use the headphone in an atmosphere with too much noise.

Another product that is concerned by customers not only by the functions but also excels in wearing style is the ear loop. It can be described as the intermediate product between earplug and earphone. It gains the popularity among people especially the youth because of its compact but beautiful style design. There is just a small flaw on this product line is that manufacturers don’t actually put efforts into them. That’s why the sound quality and the diversity of this type of headphone are quite limited.

Lately there is a new technology for headphone call bone conduction. Basically, the sound is transmitted through the skull directly so that the music experience of the owner will be enhanced greatly. It works based on the theory of vibration in sound. However, this technique is not applied greatly because of the price and not many people have heard about it. But I personally believe that this technique will be the replacement for the old technology of transmitting sounds through the inner ears that are being used.

  1. Types of headphones

type of headphones

As a person who is interested in headphones or not, you might have heard about many types of headphones. Yet generally, they are divided into 3 main types open headphones, closed headphones and semi – open ones.

People who need the comfort for their ears often purchase the open headphones because of its comfortable in long – term uses. However, this type of headphone is easily affected by the surrounding noises.

In contrast, closed headphones are used in areas that have too much noise because the ear pads are designed to cover the whole ears. This has a positive effect that keeps the sound away from the noisy sound outside the headphone while you are listening to music. There is a weakness of closed headphone is that you will feel uncomfortable a little bit when using for a long time because the air can’t flow through the headphone.

The last type of headphone is common to people who don’t have much money for a full – sized one. Semi – open headphone is great for many purposes and especially good to be used for a long time. Of course the effect of reducing the noise can’t compare to the closed one but it’s still good within the reach of many people. You can use it while travelling or at home. The sound quality is quite good because this product line is cared by manufacturers quite well.