Music is very effective, it have huge influence to everyone’s everyday life. Only human can feel the music and sense it. Many researches has pointed out that music, especially symphonies has good effect to the brain, arouse it to develop. In fact, according to doctor’s advices, parents should let their kids to listen to music regularly to develop their mental abilities, maybe the best record player from our store can help playing the best symphonies for our beloved children.

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Many centuries ago, mostly in Roman age, before rushing to the battlefield, warrior often hear strong music with epic beats to encourage their braveness and the fighting spirits. When fighting, to arouse the strength, people often play drums continuously to encourage them charging in. In Chinese battlefields, an officer has play flute under the silver moonlight that made their enemy terrified and fled. The war ended with the least blood and deaths.

People also say that music can calm a person down. A treatment is applied to cure mental illness victim is that the doctors let them heat music to calm their excitement and bring them to sleepy state.

  1. Music improves language ability and memory

Learning to play any musical instruments can improve the language ability of children greatly, and even recover memories of brain damaged patients. Psychologists from China University have claim the research on Neuropsychology magazine.


The researchers found out that student that have studied music can remember much more words than others that do not, even at 30 minutes later from the experiment. In addition, they also find the positive connections between the times studying music with the word memorizes ability of students: the longer they study, more words they can remember. However, there is no difference between two groups in remembering images.

  1. Healing ability of Mozart symphonies

Recently, scientist has found out that listening to Mozart symphonies has healing factors: reducing stresses, increasing intelligence, stable heart rate…

From an occasion that doctors in London cure one patient, they accidently found out that listening to Mozart at least 45 minutes a day can help patient recovers faster. After the treatment, the brain test showed that there was a noticeable change in the number of brain cells, increasing working and listening abilities, IQ, and increase in vision.

To explain this situation, scientists show that in human and animal brains, there is an area that is very sensitive to music, its mission it adopting the tones from music we heard. When contacting with suitable tones, this area will be aroused, following with the healing ability of other function area inside the brain. Besides, scientists also proved that Mozart symphonies is the kind of music that have high quality with the mixture of tones and structures that require high brain functioning.

Therefore, when hearing this kind of music, listeners feel like their brains are “awaken” in some functions. Their brains was like being sent strong waves like brain waves and that thing helps brain to work effective.

After an IQ test in USA, scientist found out that: the group of students that was relaxed with sonata K488 of Mozart has average IQ test results which are higher than other groups from 9 to 10 points. The working speed of the brain and other activities when hearing Mozart became faster, help them to become more sensitive and energetic than normal.

Moreover, listening to music can stable your heart rate effectively. In 23 cases of voluntary researches, doctors from Oberwalliser Hospital – Swenden claimed that: listening to music is very healthy for the heart. In these researches, beside Mozart symphonies, doctors have found many pieces from the famous symphony writer Bach that have the same effect in calming down the heartbeat.

Listening to music is not just a hobby but it also has many advantages to everyone’s life. It helps you to have cleverer mind, improve the mental and physical abilities of human and have healing factors that were proved by doctors around the world. So let get up and get yourself some favorite pieces of symphonies for a brand new fresh day! And don’t forget to check out my new articles. Hope you guys finds my writing helpful to your lives. See you soon!

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